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OSS Risks and Rewards

Open Source Software: Risks and Rewards
Presentation at the November 2004 ECAR Symposium will define OSS, identify its risks and benefits, review a market assessment and vendor software revenue models, and make recommendations for IT practitioners who are trying to make sense of OSS solutions.

OSS Myths Debunked!
r-smart's John Robinson has heard every bit of misinformation that could unsettle an IT executive faced with the choice, "Open source, or proprietary?" Here, from the open source pro are his top 10 myths to challenge.

Course Management Systems - It's the Support, Stupid!
n the open source vs. commercial CMS debate, support turns out to be a deciding factor. Here's why.

How Is Open Source Special?
The author discusses the positive and negative aspects of open source. For open source projects to succeed, they need to have the right technical infrastructure and the right community infrastructure, as well as shared values.

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