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ADL Tutorials

Plugfest 9 (February 2005)

Introduction to SCORM and the ADL Initiative
This tutorial offers a high-level look at ADL and SCORM, the definition of SCORM conformance and certification, the direction of ADL and a look as some emerging efforts in e-learning.

SCORM for Software Developers
The ADL Technical Team provides software developers with information about SCORM 2004 and considerations in developing authoring tools and learning management systems. This presentation also gives an overview of SCORM and requirements for SCORM conformance/certification.

SCORM for Defense Acquisition Professionals
This tutorial is an overview of DoD acquisition policy on training efforts, considerations for content development, impacts of SCORM evolution and LMS/authoring tool considerations for acquisition professionals.

SCORM for Instructional Designers and Content Developers
This tutorial familiarize instructional designers and content developers with the planning, design, development and implementation activities involved in developing SCORM conformant content.

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