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Authoring tools

Plugfest 9 (February 2005, Section Demos)
See topics, dealing with Authoring tools, for example:

Reload Editor
The last three years have seen the development and release of the Reload suite of tools, including the Content Packaging and Metadata Editor, the Learning Design Editor and the SCORM and Learning Design Players. Now, a new round of development is planned.

MINE SCORM Authoring Tools and Mobile LMSs
The MINE SCORM Authoring Tool V 3.0. The Hard SCORM Authoring Tool V 1.0 (Metadata Wizard, Searching on Repository (database), Video Presentation, Flash Playback). The Pocket SCORM Reader V 2.0 (PDA, Cellular Phone). The Hard SCORM LMS V 1.0 (PC, PDA, Cellular Phone, Hyper Pen).

Macromedia Captivate
What is Captivate? How does it work with SCORM? Flash-based quizzes and surveys. Caveats and customisation.Vendor experience with SCORM 2004. Packaging, tracking, automation and customization. Human Interaction.

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