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Additional Information

Open source - opens learning: Why open source makes sense for education
While there are literally thousands of active open source projects all over the world addressing most application domains, there are a number of notable projects particularly interesting for institutions of higher education. The article illustrates a sample of the momentum and potential.

Will Open Source Software Unlock the Potential of eLearning?
Technology has great potential to expand and improve the ways people learn, yet eLearning has done little more than mimic earlier learning and teaching practices. Open source eLearning applications like Sakai, Moodle, and LAMS are reinvigorating learning technology by making new eLearning systems available to the world. These new open source systems have a number of advantages that make them excellent platforms for innovation.

The Open Source Parade
The author discusses how growing software licensing fees are driving the efforts of open source application development. This article will focus on three projects that have attracted broad interest in higher education: the uPortal project, the Sakai Project, and the Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI). These three projects are designed to pre-integrate with each other, which will further reduce local implementation costs for higher education.

Open Source 2007: How Did This Happen?
In 2004, the open source model can offer only a hopeful path to sustainable economics and innovation. It remains unproven for large-scale application software. Community source projects — based on open source philosophy and licensing — promise sustainable economics and innovation through coordinated industry investment. The outcome of this experiment — the success or failure of the new model — is not predetermined. Rather, it will be the by-product of individual and collective institutional actions.

Collaborative Open Source Software: Panacea or Pipe Dream for Higher Education?
The current trend toward collaborative open source software development (Sakai, Chandler, uPortal, and so forth) in higher education.

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